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About Us

Join us in connecting with the world to make a difference!   We focus on investments that will bring sustainable results in the areas of health, education, economic development and infrastructure.

Fund Investments

Does your family or organization want great investment returns, while supporting companies with the highest ethics and standards?  At Talem Foundation, we work hard to invest our endowment in a manner that is consistent with our core values.   See the approach we use by clicking here.

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Direct Contributions

Talem Foundation is primarily a grant-making organization.   Every year we make direct investments (grants) in  other non-profit organizations that share our passion to empower global development.  See our Grants page for more info.


Microcredit Lending

One of the best ways to empower a local entrepreneur is provide a microcredit loan!   Then when you receive the proceeds, you can lend them out again (and again), stretching your donations to help drive ongoing economic development.   See our friends at KIVA for more details!


Social Impact Investing

This is the next frontier for the Talem Foundation!  We are identifying investments in social impact companies that involve ownership opportunities, for example stock purchases.  Check back to see how this exciting new area progresses!


Our Values


We look for projects and program activities that are designed for the long run, not just a quick fix.  Local partners are key to understanding local issues and must lead the way.   


We believe in making sure that every dollar is returning the most impact.   Impact could be measured in lives saved, or children educated, or loans repaid.  For every investment, we will be monitoring the results.  


Our finances, and those of all our partners, meet the highest standards of transparency.   Any questions?   Just let us know - we are happy to share what we do and how it's done.  Click here to access Talem Foundation 990PF tax filings.

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