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Talem Grant Application

The Talem Foundation’s mission is to promote global development by supporting the research and implementation of creative, sustainable solutions aimed at achieving progress in the areas of health, economic development, education, and infrastructure within developing countries.


Talem Foundation provides grants of $5000-$10,000 to registered non-profits with primary operations in one or more of these four, key sectors. To see our previous grant recipients, please click here.


To apply for a grant, please respond to the following questions:

Grant Application

Thanks for your application!

Grant FAQ's

How does the Talem Foundation select its grantees? 

The Talem Foundation board meets 1-2 times per year to review grant applicants and proposals. We carefully review each organization to ensure: 

1.   The organization is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 or foreign equivalent.

2.  The organization’s mission and primary activities align to one or more of our focus areas: education, economic development, health, or infrastructure.

3.  The organization is developing creative and sustainable solutions in developing countries. 


From our selection pool, we select a diverse set of grantees with the greatest potential for impact and sustainability. If you meet these criteria and we are unable to provide funding to you in a given year, we welcome you to apply again.


My organization is a for-profit social enterprise, could I still qualify for a grant? 

Sadly, not yet. The Talem Foundation is not equipped to provide grants to for-profit social enterprises at this time, though we absolutely recognize the value and need for all types of enterprises focused on making a better world. 


I have more to say! Is there any way to upload more information about my non-profit? 

If you have received funding from us, we welcome any reporting from your activities and impact - we love hearing updates from our grantees! 


If you’re applying for a grant, the application form provides us with all the information we need to make an informed decision. There is an optional question at the end that allows you to upload up to 5 additional files (<10 MB each), if there is additional content you would like us to consider. For example: photos or videos of your work, annual reports, news or media coverage, etc. Please do not send us any other additional material to review. Instead, use that valuable time to continue doing the amazing work that you do! 


Can I apply for a grant if I’ve received grant funding from the Talem Foundation before? 

Yes, we welcome former recipients to apply again. While we have a limited amount of funding each year, we firmly believe in supporting successful and impactful organizations over the long-run.


My grant application was rejected, can I apply again? 

Yes, of course! As long as you meet our criteria for grants (see “How does the Talem Foundation select its grantees?”), we welcome you to apply again. 


Are your grants restricted? 

No, the Talem Foundation believes in supporting all the great work that non-profits do and recognizes that paying employees and keeping the lights on is just as important as the programmatic work. Therefore, all of our grants are unrestricted.

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